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PayPal Simple Donation Widget

Provides PayPal simple donate button as an HTML hitch

  1. Basic Usage in HTML
  2. Hitch Attributes
    1. data-paypal-email
    2. data-paypal-org
    3. data-paypal-currencyCode

1. Basic Usage in HTML

In order to use, require the widget url on any block element and fill that element with anchor tags. By default you need to supply an org name and an email address of who 'owns' the donations. See Hitch Attributes for more details on optional arguments and what their defaults are if not explicitly specified.


The following HTML will create a simple PayPal donation button

<div data-hitch-widget="package:bkardell.paypal.simpledonate#simpledonate"
     data-paypal-email="[email protected]" 
     data-paypal-org="example.com" ><div>
Or, you can also use the raw url..
<div data-hitch-widget="http://www.hitchjs.com/use/bkardell.paypal.simpledonate#simpledonate"
     data-paypal-email="[email protected]" 
     data-paypal-org="example.com" ><div>

2. Optional Hitch Attributes

The following attributes are optional and may be placed on the widget element. Their explanation and defaults are described in the table below.

Option Default Description
data-paypal-email none The email address of the owner collecting the donation.
data-paypal-org none The name of the organization collecting the donation
data-paypal-currencyCode USD Sets the expected currency code